Tricks For Clicks

Our NEW Tricks For Clicks classes combine basic manners (obedience) with the relationship-building aspect of trick training! Our relationship with our dog cannot be overstated as it is the foundation for trust and everything that we do!

The more skilled we are at communicating with our dog, the more we can do with them and the more they will WANT to do with and for us!  

Numerous behaviors taught in this class actually double for basic manners but they also count towards your NOVICE Trick Title!

SIT, DOWN, TOUCH (nose target - disc, stick, hand), FOCUS, STAY, COME, LEAVE IT, LLW (loose leash walking), DROP IT/GIVE, KENNEL UP (send to kennel or bed) are some of the basic manners/tricks that your dog will learn. We will also cover BOW, PAWS UP, PLACE (pedestal), MAGIC MAT (unroll a mat with nose), FETCH, FIND IT, JUMP (hoop, bar, platform, knee, jump for joy), PEEKABOO (between legs), SPIN, and one BONUS trick such as SPEAK or RING BELLS to go outside! 

These classes are not only FUN, they are extremely effective AND they build on one another to do more advanced behaviors and tricks!

Our 6-week program includes a clicker and the opportunity to prove your team's skills and EARN your NTD title (novice trick dog title) with Do More With Your Dog! (Note: evaluation and fees associated with attaining your title, certificate and ribbon are included!)

Classes are held at our NEW location in Lacombe!


Thursdays 7:30-8:15pm

Session 1: Jul 18-Aug 22

6 classes $190.00

Space is limited!